The 2016 Sisel World Leadership Convention was an incredible event filled with networking, seminars, guest speakers, awards and new product releases. Tom Mower Sr. was joined by Tom Jr. and Leisel Mower on stage to announce the latest and greatest Sisel innovations that we will be releasing soon. We wanted you to see what’s coming out so you can get ready to take your business to the next level.


Mineral Foundation Packs – $18

Our all-natural Mineral Foundation will give your face the flawless coverage your face will love.



New 3D Fiberlash

SiseLash. Simply Fierce. The mile-long lashes you’ve always dreamed of are now a reality with the SiseLash 3D Fiber Extension System.


Forskolin – $54.00

Sisel’s powerful Forskolin, an all-natural supplement, utilizes the roots of the Coleus forskohlii to help you lose weight. Sisel’s highly concentrated formula harnesses the plant extract to create a product that is a rapid weight loss supporter and body transformation enhancer. It’s Sisel Safe®, contains no sugar, salt, colorings or preservatives. Get your weight loss program on the right track with Sisel®



Grean Coffee Bean – $28.80

Support your body’s thermogenic capabilities with this all-natural supplement. Sisel’s Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the most powerful weight loss formulations known and has been specifically developed to provide powerful weight loss support.*



Siselgreen – $46.80

This plant based energizing supplement has been specially formulated to power your day by boosting your energy levels with nutrients and vitamins. SiselGREEN™ is vegan based, with no gluten or dairy ingredients. Not only will its nutritional formula fuel your daily drive, but it has also been designed to stop cravings by making you feel fuller for a longer period of time, making SiselGREEN™ an excellent meal replacement. With an amazing combination of Garcinia Cambogia and Vegetarian Protein, SiselGREEN™ will affirm muscle tone as it supports the demands of athletic performance. SiselGREEN™ mixes with water, juice or your favorite beverage to make a tasty weight management shake in Vanilla/Caramel flavor.*



Transfigure – $54.00

Diet and exercise are effective in disrupting the lifecycle of fat cells, storage, and release of fat. Recently discovered, the ingredients in TransFigure greatly enhance weight loss by supporting the body’s natural processes. These unique nutrients, known for centuries in ancient cultures, are now augmented by modern science for maximum effectiveness in a rapid weight loss program.



4 Restore – $71.94

This amazing natural supplement combines four dynamic biological support systems into one intensively powerful formulation. 4Restore™ increases the amount of Nitric Oxide in your body, thereby enhancing your body’s ability to exercise, lose weight, provide better immunity, naturally produce more testosterone and increase your libido in both men and women. 4Restore’s™ unique all natural formulation combineseffective biochemical concentrates, resulting in a supplement that will help you live life to its fullest.