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Q&A for Intrepid

1. When will the Intrepid Skin Care System be ready for shipping?

A: Demo kits are expected to be ready by January 27th. Regular systems expected within 1-2 months

2. How much does it cost?

A: The regular product kits will be around $85.00.

New Product Intrepid Demo Kit Distributor Loyalty Distributor (+10%) Customer
SKU Quantity Description Price PV BV Price PV BV Price PV BV
F136973-10-01 1 Intrepid Demo Kit- Light 75 75 75 82.5 83 83 89.95 90 90
F136995-10-01 1 Intrepid Demo Kit – Medium 75 75 75 82.5 83 83 89.95 90 90
F136996-10-01 1 Intrepid Demo Kit- Dark 75 75 75 82.5 83 83 89.95 90 90
F136995-10-04 1 Intrepid Demo Kit- Light 280 280 224 308 308 246 337.95 338 271
F136996-10-04 1 Intrepid 4 Pack – Medium 280 280 224 308 308 246 337.95 338 271
F136998-10-04 1 Intrepid 4 Pack – Dark 280 280 224 308 308 246 337.95 338 271
F136973-10-12 1 Intrepid 12 Pack – Light 720 720 360 792 792 396 869.95 870 435
F136997-10-12 1 Intrepid 12 Pack – Medium 720 720 360 792 792 396 869.95 870 435
F136998-10-12 1 Intrepid 12 Pack – Dark 720 720 360 792 792 396 869.95 870 435

3. How many applications will I get from each bottle?

A: The number of individual applications will vary from user to user, depending upon how many areas they wish to treat and how often they choose to apply the product. Many will see between 30-60 applications per demo kit

4. How does the Intrepid Skin Care System work?

A: The Intrepid system is based upon three components: The Base, the Activator and the Remover. You must first decide on your skin color – we offer light, dark and medium colors. First, the applicant must wash their face thoroughly to remove any previous makeup or skin lotions, etc. It is important to make sure skin is completely dry prior to applying. The first step is applying the Base to your problem areas (wrinkles, eye bags, crow’s feet) by gently, but firmly rubbing the base into your skin to cover the complete area you wish to address. After the Base has been properly applied, the Activator must be applied over the same areas. We recommend you give the Intrepid system 40 – 60 minutes to completely dry before applying makeup or making any extreme facial expressions. After your Intrepid application has bonded, you are good to go. The average Intrepid application is good for a full 24 hours. When you are ready to go to bed, simply use the Intrepid Remover to remove Intrepid and then apply Vanquish or any other overnight skin care products you normally use. We also have an instructional video available on our Intrepid website.

5. How do I know what skin tone my skin is?

A: Since skin tones vary so much from person to person, it may take an application or two to discover which tone works best for you. We recommend using the color palette on the Intrepid website ( to make your initial selection. Some skin tones will require the users to mix together more than one color, so you may need experiment with different mixes until you match your color exactly. The majority of Intrepid users should be able to use one of our pre-mixed base colors to match their individual skin tone on the first application.

6. Will Intrepid cause any allergic reactions or irritations?

A: Intrepid is hypoallergenic. While in some rare cases a minor irritation or slight skin abnormality may occur, discontinuing its use should eliminate any such irritations. Our instructional guide discusses this topic in greater detail.

7. Should pregnant women be concerned about using Intrepid?

A: No. Other than an occasional mild skin irritation, Intrepid is completely free of any harmful effects that may cause concern with pregnancy