So I’m finally sitting down to write my “Australia Tour Recap”. Getting back into the swing of things again for both Tom and I has taken more time than we probably wanted. This was the first time I’ve been to Australia, so I was beyond excited!   First, it’s always great to finally meet, in person, the Distributors that you work with day in and day out. Through social media you get to know each other on such a personal basis. Over time I’ve felt like many have become close friends for quite some time, I love that about this business. To then also look forward to seeing the countryside and attractions within Australia. . .I was thrilled to be going!

With so many changes happening for Australia regarding not only products and compensation plans, but also the new Sisel Live! program and even the latest updates regarding the OTG changes and goals – there was A LOT to talk about. I started to seriously inquire (harass) my brother Tom Jr. as to whether he would go with me.

Not only could he help to deliver all the messages and info, but what a great adventure to be able to share with him. I also knew that if he were to tag along, the Distributors would love the chance to hear his amazing ideas as well as the scientific knowledge he possess as one of the two senior chemists and researchers at Sisel.   After much deal making and pressure (from me), he was truly kind enough to take those two weeks from his busy schedule and help me support the fastest growing market in Sisel, Australia!


We caught our flight with time to spare and settled in for what would be an extra long flight. After we had been served something to eat, watched a movie and even read a portion of the book I brought, I checked the time…13 hours and 45 minutes still left to go­ – ugh! I was able to sleep a lot of the time and before I knew it, we were flying into Sydney. I had a window seat and was truly amazed at just what a beautiful city Sydney is to fly in to.


After we landed and grabbed our bags, we were immediately greeted by our wonderful Sydney hosts, Robert and Julz Storey. It’s always nice to not have to worry about a cab and it was truly amazing to see the dedication and warmth from the Distributors who take time out of their busy schedule to pick us up or take us to the airport. As a working mom with a busy family, I never take for granted the time that is taken to make sure that we are well taken care of during our tours.



With 4 GIANT suitcases loaded with brochures, products and T-Shirts, it was always funny to watch each distributor who picked us up from the airport, try to figure out how they’d fit us, them and those 4 giant bags into their car. One of the cars was so small we had to leave a person behind and many of the trips had me scrunched in the back with several bags that couldn’t fit in the “boot” (trunk to us).

It has to be said that although Robert is a great driver, the congested streets of Sydney even had him confused for a while and after about 6 or 7 times we circled what seemed like the same city block, we finally found our destination. Our first meeting was an amazing kick-off to the tour with the hosts of Kathryn Magnus and the Storey’s doing an incredible job (**although I wish I could mention every person who helped with the meeting or that we loved meeting, for fear of leaving someone out and making this too long, I’ll only mention the official hosts).




Next we flew off to Melbourne where a lovely Distributor, Doc Stevens was waiting to take us to the hotel. Interestingly enough, Doc’s was the only car big enough to fit Tom and I and all of our bags. Jayne Fothergill, Katie Larking and many other amazing distributors worked hard to put a great meeting together. It’s always fun to meet new Distributors, but there’s also such a rewarding experience meeting distributors who’ve been part of the Mower Mission for over 20 years, and both were in abundance in Melbourne. After the meeting, we were able to have a nice dinner with several of the Distributors and enjoyed the opportunity to visit with everyone on a more personal basis.




From there we went to our Adelaide meeting hosted by Jo Hill. We had our own tour “groupies” in Jayne Fothergill and Julz Storey, who were awesome in their dedication to attend and support almost every event on the tour. They were always there to pick us up or drop us off any time we needed it and they took us from the airport to Jo Hill’s for a nice lunch. We were lucky to have a day to spare with nothing to do and as a great surprise to us, Jo had scheduled a day at a park where we could see some of the native wildlife and literally reach out to pet the kangaroos.


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I was the luckiest person ever, as I was also able to hold a real, live Koala Bear (and yes, I learned that a Koala is not really a bear), but they are the cutest things ever! Such a highlight of the trip! It was a beautiful sunny day and with Jayne and Julz as our trusty guides and we all had a great day! Thanks again Jo, that was definitely a day to always remember! That night we had dinner high atop the hill overlooking the whole valley with some new distributors I’d never met and it was just relaxing and down-to earth and enjoyable.



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Our next flight to Perth was short and before we knew it, we were being picked up by an old family friend, Margaret Thomas. Margaret’s car was one of the smaller ones, but we finally crammed in those 4 bags and us and were off to a beautiful river front hotel. Perth is another beautiful city and we were lucky with weather that kept mostly sunny and warm. Karen Wilson was the awesome event host, who along with other devoted Distributors put together an event that like the others, had hardly a spare seat. There was great attendance and lots of enthusiasm and again, a good time was had by all.


Our last stop was the Gold Coast and the longest of the flights within Australia. We were picked up by the enthusiastic, Jodie Davies who was our tour guide about all things “Gold Coast” – she definitely loves the area. The weather was much warmer here and we found our beautiful hotel overlooking the city. Jodie had a lot of great help with this event and as with each one, was again filled to capacity. We finished the tour with a lot of great information, but always trying to have a good time as well. It was so good to meet the Distributors we’ve gotten to know over the previous months and even years. It was surprising to see the number or distributors who’ve known the Mower Mission for 20 or 30 years telling almost identical stories of searching for what Tom Mower is doing and finding Sisel. The interest from those to listen to the message and join his mission again was almost overwhelming in those numbers.


It’s a crazy time in Australia and I mean that in the best way. We’re growing and along with that comes growing pains. As I said, it is our fastest growing market right now with distributors experiencing a growth in their organizations like never before. It was so satisfying to hear the stories of success, not only in the changes and benefits of the products, but on the benefit to their lifestyle they’re experiencing from the success they’re experiencing from business building.

Although Tom and I teased and fought like brothers and sisters the whole way through Australia, it was an amazing tour. On our flights home we were excitedly talking about what we were going to do when we got home to help the Australian market. The enthusiasm from the Distributors had rubbed off on us for sure and we came back and met with my dad, telling him of old friends he’s known for more than 30 years joining the company again and of new Distributors experiencing success in a way they never had before. It’s a great time to be a Distributor in Australia – it’s as simple as that.


To all the Distributors who helped us get to and from each event, thank you! To all the Distributors who tirelessly worked, months in advance, with us and each other to make sure each event was the success that it was, thank you! And most important of all, to all the Distributors who had to sit through Tom’s boring presentations and pretend that he was interesting. . .the biggest thanks of all goes to you! (Yes, we are still fighting here in the U.S.). . .but seriously, a sincere thank you to all the Distributors in Australia for all you did to help us have a great time!

Leisel Mower and Tom Mower Jr.