My blog this week is about something old and yet something so brand new. . .it’s killer! I’ve spoken time and time again how crucial it is in this crazy but cool business we’re all in to have a product that not only does something fantastic, but even better, does it in less than two minutes! Massive organizations are built around products that show instant results right before your eyes.

A product like this is hard to come by in the skincare and beauty industry. Even more so here at Sisel, as it has to be effective yet still be Sisel Safe. But there is a product that encompasses all these things and it’s time to make hay while the sun shines as they say, meaning . . .using that certain product at the forefront of your business for as long as you can, capitalizing on all the benefits a product like this can bring to your organization. Right now, Exfolium is that exciting product that meets the above criteria in every way.


Most of you have already tried Exfolium and love this product as much as I do. Exfolium is now one of our best selling products as Distributors around the world recognize how easy it is to talk about and exciting it is to show. The only thing that seems to limit the sharing and excitement of this product is the beautiful bottle it’s packaged in. We could soon see it was limiting your ability to truly show this product to the many people you wanted to try it. Here at Sisel, we’re constantly trying to find ways to help you build your business and samples for certain products is a universal request.

product-f136480-00-01-400x450_en_usThe first product we made samples for was the Timeless Minerals Liquid Foundations, making it easier to try a color before you open up a whole box and bottle. And now our second sampling project is hoping to do the same thing for Exfolium! How easy is it to pull out a sachet to give out at a booth you’re manning for the weekend. Handing out Exfolium sachets at a Sisel Live! event or party, or even sending one half-way around the world has never been easier in these small, 3-ounce samplers.

The price of the sachets is higher than the single jar of product but you’re actually getting a great deal! The beautiful jar is perfect at home, on the counter for personal use, but can be difficult to share from. The box of Exfolium sachets has a total of 90 mls of product compared to the 30 mls in the jar. So, you get three times the amount of product in the sachets, all conveniently divided and packaged for you.

Each sachet box offers 30 different ways you can use each packet to build your business! Gone are the limits of a jar or even the need to be with the person you’d like to try this amazing product. Now you can send this product out, pass it around at an event or like me, throw a handful in a suitcase when I travel because they’re small and easy to use. Putting four or five in your purse or pocket so that you’re always ready to show someone how amazing this product is without having to carry anything bulky – yay! So, it’s something old (our awesome Exfolium), yet something new (now available in sample sizes), that gives you something AWESOME! Enjoy!

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