Yesterday began the first of three part series where we are discussing everything that Sisel Beauty brought to the convention from the new products, to the beauty bar, to the beauty awards at the Saturday night gala. So continue reading below as we finish announcing all the new products in the beauty and skincare line (as well as the surprise of the night product that belongs in the personal care line!) ENJOY!

In my hour onstage I also announced the intention for each of the Sisel lines to bring out more samples….yay! I can hear the applause from those of you at home that are hearing this for the first time! The request for samples is a common request from Distributors who see these as a great way to build their business. And if there’s one thing that we here at Sisel are more focused on than ever, it’s exactly that, to do whatever we can to help you build your business. Samples are essential.

In the beauty line and especially if you’re doing SiseLIVE parties, it’s essential that the guests that come to your event be able to try your products. Many times it’s not cost effective (or sanitary) to open one bottle of product for everyone to use. And while there will be some things that are harder to make samples of (lipsticks) there are other products that make perfect sense to offer in sample form.

Sisel’s Liquid Foundations are one of those perfect products and with that the very first samples in what will hopefully be a long line of samples to follow! Liquid foundation samples are finally available and you can contact customer service to get yours right now! Finding your shade has never been easier….and if finding your shade is giving you a challenge, tear open another “Sample-It’” shade until you find that perfect match!

Exfolium has been one of the most exciting products EVER announced in the skin care line! As many of you already know, Exfolium is one of those few business building products that give amazing results IMMEDIATELY, and those results are truly astonishing. Once you try it (and love it!) it’s a product you want everyone else to try too. With only the bottle to open and share with, you’re limited to showing this amazing product to only the fortunate people in the same rooms as you.

When I saw distributors putting Exfolium in tiny jars and then in plastic bags and sending them around the country, I new we had to make samples of this revolutionary new product. While this isn’t available yet, you can call in to customer service and get on the pre-order list!   Then,  in another week or two we will send you a box (or however many your ordered) of  small 3 ml Exfolium sachets that hold the perfect amount of theis great product.  This great size is  small enough to staple to a card, stick in an envelope and send to as many people as you want. Build your business faster than you ever thought possible by sending these small amounts of “pure product joy” to anyone who wants to truly watch their skin become the cleanest, soft and shiniest it’s ever been!

As we normally do in most presentations, you save the best for last and that is true with this next product. From the very first times that I traveled around and met distributors I heard the same request over and over. Woman after woman would come up to me and ask, “Why don’t we have a large body lotion?” Any woman (or man that’s around a woman long enough) knows that women use a lot of lotion. As we finish our shower, we usually have a large lotion nearby that we put all over our body. The best formulas are a little lighter than hand lotions and while they may have a light scent, they aren’t as heavily scented as hand lotion either.

After talking to both Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. about the need to develop this type of product, Tom Jr. took on the task of making THE BEST body lotion on the market today. We spent months gathering the statistic on what ingredients were the best for body lotions, at what viscosity, with what fragrance, etc. I used the nerdy science skill my brother possess to create a product that can be put against any lotion on the market today and come away superior in every way. So with that as the goal, we are so proud to introduce our new body lotion, Coconut Body Milk!

As I announced at convention, this lotion’s first five ingredients are:

1. Coconut Cream
2. Coconut Water
3. Coconut Milk
4. Water
5. Aloe Vera (a specialized ingredient that’s 200x in strength)

Of course we all know the amazing restorative, moisturizing properties (as well as so many others) that Coconut has and we’ll go into just this lotion alone when it is available (look for it in the next few weeks).

Then add 10 of the most effective essential oils for skincare:

1. Carrot seed
2. Lavender
3. Myrrh
4. Neroli
5. Patchouli
6. Rose
7. Tea Tree
8. Ylang Ylang
9. Frankincense
10. Lemon

And then to top it of with the most luxurious ingredients that only add to the stellar list above we have:

1. Shea Butter
2. Sweet Almond Butter
3. Sun Flower Oil
4. Jajoba Oil
5. Rosehip Seed Oil
6. Vitamin E. Acetate



And if you could ever top any of the above ingredients either alone (or together) the least amazing fact that truly makes this lotion the best on the market, it is:

Preservative Free!!!!

How awesome can this lotion be??? There will be no comparison on the market. It’s the product I was MOST excited to be announcing at convention and the buzz to follow has been truly amazing!  This great product is almost ready and just like the Exfolium sachets you can pre-order these by calling customer service and reserve your order for this great product.  My suggestion is to definitely make a pre-order as the excitement with these products (especially the Exfolium Sachets and the Coconut Body Milk) is off the charts and will sell out fast!

On that amazing high note, I’ll end this second part of the three part series…..join me next time as I go through the amazing awards, functions, parties and more that happened at convention…….join us one last time as we wrap up all things convention…….Beauty Style!