Sisel International is excited to announce the arrival of the complete Sisel Beauty line of products in Australia! Over 80 new products will now be available to all of the Australian Sisel Distributors via the OTG catalog. “We have been waiting for everything to be in place for this launch and now, I’m proud to say that Sisel Beauty is finally ready to go in Australia!” said Leisel Mower, Sisel’s Director of Cosmetics and Skin Care. “Our warehouse and shipping logistics are finally up and running and now we can release all of our incredible beauty and skin products down under. We couldn’t be more happy about this day finally arriving.”

Sisel’s Australian GM, Jim O’Reilly echoed Leisel’s enthusiasm about the new launch. “We have been waiting for the entire Sisel Beauty and Skin Care line of products to be available in Australia, and now they are all here,” Jim exclaimed at the news. “This will open an incredible amount of new opportunity for our Distributors,” he added. The inclusive line of over 80 products will be available immediately for Distributors to sell to their Australian clients.

Sisel Beauty has posted a personal message from Leisel Mower to all of Sisel’s Australian Distributors on the Sisel Beauty Facebook page and is encouraging everyone to view it for more exciting details. “We can’t wait for everyone in Australia to be exposed to all of our great beauty and skin care products. We are confident they will find them not only amazing, but superior to anything they’ve seen before,” Ms. Mower concluded. The new releases include products ranging from vibrant lipsticks to incredible anti-aging creams and lotions.