Convention is right around the corner and if you haven’t already registered, we want to give you a few more reasons (just based on what the Sisel Beauty department has planned) that’ll make you want to attend Sisel World Convention 2016

It’s going to be a busy few days with lots of fun activities fit between courses, meetings and breakout groups designed to leave you with an arsenal of tools to build your Sisel business in limitless ways. Here at Sisel Beauty we’ve been planning since late last year to bring you new products, fun gadgets and a surprise product that lets you sparkle in a whole new way! I have to admit, I like it SO much that I’m already wearing this new beauty item every chance I get!

I will be conducting breakout sessions where we dive deeply into the skincare and cosmetic products and how best to use them. We will be having live models using the products as we discuss the how the science combined with the proper use and application will help you to fully experience and achieve the best results Sisel’s amazing products have to offer.

During some of the breaks and lunchtime there will be a commons area set up where you can sample the coffee, tea or your favorite shot from the Triangle of Life.   For some of you who are making the most of your days and nights at the convention, a quick shot of Utlra Maxx is what you need to keep you alert in all the courses you’ll be attending. While you’re savoring your favorite Sisel refreshment, Sisel Beauty will have live makeovers going at the same time.

Come on over and watch our beauty experts show you how to apply Sisel cosmetics in ways that will give you options for your own look. We’ll be demonstrating evening looks with a flair for drama, day looks with a natural feel as well as tricks and tips to show you what products to use for contouring your face, accentuating your eyes or defining your lips…all done live! Our own beauty department staffers have worked hard to showcase the different ways you can use these products to achieve the look YOU want.


On the last day I’ll be announcing all the new beauty items we’ve been working on, some for almost a year. This has always been one of the most highly anticipated parts of convention for distributors and this year will be no different! I’d make sure you’re in your seats when this part of the convention starts…..I’m truly excited for what we at Sisel Beauty have been working on but I also know Tom Sr, and Tom Jr. have their own announcements that are sure to make you glad you came!

Of course we’ve jam-packed this convention with tons of information meant to make your Sisel business the best it can be, but we’ve also scheduled some time to party, play and just get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. There’s several dinners planned and of course the last night is the awards banquet dinner – every woman’s excuse to wear that beautiful sparkly dress. An elegant dinner is served as we give recognition to the distributors who are working the hardest to build their businesses.

It’s always exciting to see who Tom’s Sr.’s “Bull of the Woods” award goes to or the “Rookie of the Year” for the newer up- and comer. But this year we have new categories within the Sisel Beauty line that we’ll be giving awards for as well! There are some amazing distributors who are truly the drivers and builders within the beauty and skin care lines and we’re excited to be able to recognize them for their hard work. With so many things so going on, there’s a lot to do here to prepare for this exciting event and last but not least, I haven’t bought MY beautiful, sparkly dress yet. I might be having just as much fun looking for one as I might in wearing it! My biggest worry is that the second I buy one, I might find one I like more…hmmmmm, maybe I need two? See you at convention!