This is the last blog in a three-part series that we’ve used to talk about the 2016 convention, including all the new beauty products released and finally today the beauty bar and awards given to the distributors showing the most enthusiasm and growth in Sisel!

In preparing for convention, we had numerous meetings where we tried to plan what we thought distributors would want to come and see/learn from the beauty department. Many times in our posts we try to give the latest and greatest advice and instructions on how best to achieve the look you want by using Sisel Beauty products. These are always popular, so we thought we’d do the same thing – only bring it to you live!


Veronica and Corrin worked tirelessly trying to find just the right models and makeup artists that would best highlight all the amazing looks you can achieve using the vast array of colors and tools we offer through Sisel cosmetics. We also wanted to show live how to go through our skin care regimen showing the correct sequence and correct application of the skin care products as well.

The months before convention were filled with numerous makeovers by different models and makeup artists. We even joined in the fun by having these looks done on both Veronica and Corrin (I didn’t get into the chair this go around but still had fun judging the different talents that were showcased). We made our favorite picks and those choices paid off big-time as the beauty bar that was set up both days at convention was one of the most popular draws, with long lines filled with eager distributors, all wanting a turn in the chair for their own personal makeovers. We knew that the beauty bar would be fun, but we didn’t quite realize just HOW much fun! (We hope to be able to replicate this at future events.)

The last night of convention was the awards gala and we all dressed up in our finest attire to attend a beautiful dinner and watch the best of the best come on stage and accept their well-earned awards. As the skincare and beauty lines have grown, we decided that we would have a line of awards just for distributors that have shown the most growth, participation and love for Sisel Beauty.

Coming up with just one winner for each country was difficult as there were several distributors in each area that truly deserved to be recognized for their efforts. Even now as I type this I’d love to mention the other distributors in Australia, the United States and Europe that all deserved an award for their efforts. Unfortunately, in the end there can only be one and we settled on those names and prepared to show them our appreciation for their support and loyalty.

_ATP5157Getting a dress before this night was not something that I had a lot of time to do and with only three days before convention and I STILL hadn’t gone to look at dresses, Veronica was ready to strangle me. Every day as I came into work she’d ask, “Did you get a chance to look at dresses last night?” Every day I would raise her stress level by telling her again that I had too much to do the night before and that the dress for the big night was still on my to–do list. Finally as Wednesday rolled around and I still hadn’t tackled this job she sat me down and we perused the online options. Finally, we settled on some styles that we liked and she sent me out on my lunch hour to try some on. As I Face-Timed her with dress after dress after dress, we found one we both loved and on Saturday night, I wore the beautiful, sparkly creation and stood on stage with my dad, brother, nephew and other workmates to hand out the well-earned awards.

My two beautiful Sisel Beauty workmates helped me kick off the gala as the beauty awards came first. Veronica (who looked stunning with her hair swept to the side) and in her second choice of dress (as she had a zipper that broke that night- ugh!) and Corrin, who looked beautiful as well, arranged our awards (and fresh roses as a special Sisel Beauty treat) and called up each Distributor from every country that had earned an award for the year before in the Sisel Beauty category.

As I announced them, I had such special pride knowing that these were the women who were leading the field and had the love that I have for these incredible products and projects that we work on so hard for Sisel Beauty. In choosing these awards (and again, it was very difficult as there are many who deserved the award AS MUCH as the women we chose. We hope to show our appreciation to all of them in some way) we were recognizing the women who truly showed the most enthusiasm, love and ACTION for all things Sisel Beauty. I had such a deep appreciation for the women who have joined me on this road!

The beautiful, amazing women who won the awards (for the very first time) in Sisel Beauty are:

UK– Christen Collins (who was the only one not there, we missed her!)

Japan- Ono Masami – Matsuda Masako – Kotani Toshie

Australia– Jodie Davies

United States– Belinda Garrett

Again, there were many distributors we truly wanted to recognize, but because we felt like we had to leave some true winners off the list, we will be doing some recognition through Sisel Beauty in the future, (as a way to not only recognize the hard work and great ideas you have but to truly showcase the amazing women and men we’re lucky to have in Sisel!) It was a an amazing convention and it ended in the most perfect way, with our awesome Sisel Distributors, looking their finest, enjoying each other’s company being recognized for the hard work that I knew they’d start doing again the second their plane touched ground at home.

Next up is the Mower Cruise. I hope the same great people come back to learn, work and enjoy each other, (but mostly play!) And for those of you who didn’t make it this time, we’re expecting you on the cruise! Don’t miss this party! The awards gala was beautiful and magical and ended the perfect weekend, thanks to all who helped make it what it was, but an especially big thank you to the Sisel Distributors and Sisel Beauty devotees – we wouldn’t be here without you! See you on the cruise!

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