Event  held September 9th – 11th in Primm, Nevada

The Sisel Live! Leadership Summit that was recently held in Primm, Nevada was a HUGE Success! It featured three days of leadership training that included strategic management tips from Maureen Faulkner along with interactive training sessions from top leaders. Everyone was able to learn new strategies and techniques for building their businesses. Leisel Mower was a featured speaker and presented her vision and support for Sisel Live!. She also excited the crowd by revealing Sisel’s plans for new products and upcoming projects! Sisel Live! Program Manager, Michelle Thomas shared Sisel’s plans for taking Sisel Live! in new and opportunistic directions. This was truly an experience that will be talked about for a long time, leaving everyone enthusiastic for the next Sisel Live! event.



Here is what attendees had to say about the Sisel Live! Leadership Summit:

“After many years of being in the industry it’s refreshing and exhilarating to be in such a productive meeting with days that flew by. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Sisel is in the forefront of something really big that this industry has never seen before. Thank you Maureen, Leisel & the whole Mower family!”

– Eric & Kristy


“The Leadership Summit was absolutely amazing! Thanks to all the distributors who shared their wisdom of what they do and what’s working for them. Leisel, we are so glad you came also. The support from you, Tom Jr. and Tom Sr. means so much! I believe this is the program that will take our company to the top! Maureen is the most amazing trainer I have ever worked with. She breaks it down to the practical application and how to get it done!  We have so much more to learn from her. And Michelle is jumping right in there with confidence and making a huge difference as well. The two of them are a one-two punch that will allow us in the field to run and really impact lives in a huge way!  And quietly in the background is Maureen’s husband, Steve, assisting and supporting her efforts and the program all the way – non-stop! With this winning combination, the only direction is to the top! Thanks again to the Mower family for all you do!”

– Denise Servais

“The Sisel Live Boot Camp in Primm, Nevada was great for people to connect and feel like they were part of something special. Anytime people can come together with other company like-minded people, it gives one a sense of belief and self-confidence in what they are doing. Building event-to-event and keeping people involved and consistent with the business will encourage growth. The people who came to Primm surely had fun and made new connections in Sisel Live! for networking.”

– Laura Baccini



“The Sisel Live Leadership Summit was the best Sisel training event I’ve had the pleasure of attending! Maureen Faulkner is the ultimate trainer in this business and you can tell she absolute believes in what she is teaching! This event was well planned, exciting, fun, educational, interactive, and I’m sure everyone left with a goal that they can implement immediately to grow their Sisel business. I know I have!  Thank you to Maureen for all your hard work; you are a Blessing to everyone! Thank You Leisel Mower, for coming to Primm and sharing your heart and all your support in Sisel Live!. Thank you Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. for supporting this much needed and appreciated Sisel Live Event!”

– Belinda Garrett


“Wow! I have to say, this was the best training event I have ever attended. Thank you, Maureen Faulkner! Leisel Mower, you are the best! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us. Also, Michelle Thomas, you are doing an excellent job getting Sisel Live! up and running smoothly, even though sometimes it may seem like you are herding cats!  So excited and happy to be a part of Sisel Live!.”

– Suzanne Baker


 “The title, ‘Sisel Live! Leadership Summit’ was really well named! There was a lot of information on moving toward the missing part – recruiting. I felt like we left Primm with the vision of just what Sisel Live! offers and better prepared to recruit and see each of our teams grow. It was one of the most exciting meetings I have personally attended. There was fun and real training on how the various ‘events’ could be done. Thanks to Pat Garrett, Laura Baccinni, Denise Servais, Karen Tilkins, Belinda Garrett, and Laurie Johnston for demonstrating the various events. Thanks, Maureen for sharing how to have fun, make money and recruit others to join us! Thanks, Sisel International for sending Michelle Thomas to share what she is doing to give us the tools we need. And finally, a BIG thank you Leisel Mower, for coming and sharing how the Mower Mission can fit so nicely with Sisel Live!

So glad I attended this awesome leadership event!”

– Suzy Hayden


“I was taught a simple 3-step process at the Sisel Leadership Summit. The first of which is START WHERE YOU ARE. Maureen has continually challenged me over this entire beta test. Her confidence is contagious. I was product and education driven before, but now I am recruit driven. She teaches us to first make the commitment, step out in faith, be persistent, and learn to be consistent.

The second step? DO SOMETHING DAILY. Even if you fail miserably, this is the ONLY way to learn! Have an experience – Give it a try – Review and try again!

This is MY business. The third step? DON’T QUIT! Why would I? I cannot imagine doing anything else because nothing else will afford me the quality of life I desire and there is no timeline when I compete with myself. I am the only one standing in MY way. SISEL Live keeps getting better. I plan to connect with family and friends that desire the same quality and not willing to settle for mediocrity. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you SISEL family!

– Laurie Johnston