While we have strived to offer convention attendees a full menu of classes and activities, we have allowed space for personal time. For those who wish to explore the beautiful surroundings of Provo, we have compiled a list of alternative attractions you will enjoy. If you have any questions, please speak to any Sisel Staff Member who can give you more information.

Things To Do & See: ART

1. Art Exhibition: “Branding the American West”
Where: BYU Museum of Art, North Campus Drive, Provo, Utah (801) 422-8287
Hours: Mon-Tues, 10a – 6p/Wed-Fri, 10a-9p/Sat, 10a – 6p/Sun-Closed
What: The exhibition showcases works from the first half of the twentieth century and includes selected examples of Western art by other celebrated artists such as Frederic Remington and N.C. Wyeth. These images of the landscape, people, and environment of a West immersed in change both enhance and contradict the narrow representation of the West at the beginning of the twentieth century as a place of violence and action.
Cost: FREE!

2. Art Exhibition: “Here, There and Everywhere”
Where: Springville Museum of Art, 126 E. 400 S., Springville, Utah
(801) 489-2727 Hours: Tues-Sat, 10a – 5p/Sun 3p – 6p
What: Here, There, and Everywhere examines how “spaces” become “places” — locations invested with meaning. Shown together, the diverse depictions of place by Joshua Clare, Mark England, Karen Horne, Jeff Pugh, Brittany Scott, and Justin Wheatley ask how place connects to identity, power and perspective. The exhibition invites patrons to reflect on their own spaces of significance, and how place has impacted their lives.
Cost: FREE!

3. Art Exhibition: “Middle/Nowhere”
Where: Springville Museum of Art, 126 E. 400 S., Springville, Utah
(801) 489-2727 Hours: Tues-Sat, 10a – 5p/Sun 3p – 6p
Running simultaneously with “Here, There, and Everywhere” this contemporary show by Levi Jackson explores the other side of place – the forgotten spaces and disregarded landscapes of the American West. “Middle | Nowhere has a primary goal of demystifying the West in an effort to better understand contemporary mentalities. Middle | Nowhere takes traditional folklore, imagery, sentiments and iconography and buttresses it against the subversive, yet more prevalent Western vernacular. From this pastoral, majestic and even celestial place I use common, yet overlooked materials, locations and activities as vehicles to pique the awareness within the current state of the West. My intention is not to simply comment on a Western reality as not inspired or beautiful, because it is, but it is more complex—and gritty. While the West certainly is mountain springs, ox bows and wild flowers; it is also dry lakebeds, horse flies and thistles.
Cost: FREE!

4. Art Exhibition: “Shaping America”
Where: BYU Museum of Art, North Campus Drive, Provo, Utah (801) 422-8287
Hours: Mon-Tues, 10a – 6p/Wed-Fri, 10a-9p/Sat, 10a – 6p/Sun-Closed
This reinstallation of the Museum’s permanent American collection will allow visitors to interpret our ever-expanding collection in new ways. The exhibition will examine American identity, emphasizing the multicultural perspective intrinsic to the American experience. It will showcase approximately eighty works of art, including painting, sculpture, and photography. The exhibition will elicit reflection on the role of the artworks in both revealing and contributing to cross-cultural encounters and exchanges in the formation of American identity. The new show will replace American Dreams, the last iteration of our permanent collection.
Cost: FREE!

5. Art Exhibition: “Russian Stories, Soviet Ideals”
Where: Springville Museum of Art, 126 E. 400 S., Springville, Utah
(801) 489-2727 Hours: Tues-Sat, 10a – 5p/Sun 3p – 6p
Step into Russia during the Soviet Union era. Russian Stories, Soviet Ideals is a fascinating exploration of the duality of the ideals of the centralized Soviet government and the realities of everyday life for the Russian (and non-Russian) people – politically, at work, at home, and on the land. Featuring Soviet artwork with highlights from the Jerald Jacobs collection. This dynamic exhibition depicts sweeping as well as personal stories that raises such questions as what were the ideals of the Soviet government for the factory, the home, and the farm? How did this affect the life of the women, men, and children in these spaces? How did they assert their own ideas, culture, and family ideals into the one-party, centrally controlled Soviet Union?
Cost: FREE!


1. Brigham Young University – Located in Downtown Provo
A campus with something for everyone. Several world-class museums, plays, concerts and sporting events…it’s worth visiting year round. For more information, visit their website: http://home.byu.edu/home

2. Bridal Veil Falls – Located up Provo Canyon (Hwy.189) (801) 852-6606
Bridal Veil Falls is a breathtaking natural waterfall located up scenic Provo Canyon. It offers great views, picnic areas, hiking trails and plenty of free parking.

3. The Soap Factory – Located at 54 W. Center Street in Provo (801) 376-5799
Hours: Mon,12p – 6p/Wed-Sat, 12p – 9p/Sun-Closed
Learn and witness how soap is made from the experts. You can make your own soap using all-natural ingredients and take it home for the best baths ever!
Website: http://Instagram.com/soapfactoryprovo

4. Crandall Historical Printing Museum – Located at 275 E. Center St., Provo
(801) 377-7777 / Website: http://crandallmuseum.org
Historical museum that demonstrates and exhibits the history of printing. High quality tours take you through the history of the printing press and its impact on civilization.

5. Comedy Sports – Located at 36 W. Center St., Provo (801) 377-9700
Shows: Thurs-8p/Sat & Sun – 8p & 10:15p
Come see two teams of comedians compete for your laughs! This fast paced, clean, audience interactive improv show will have you begging for more. You get to vote for your favorite team and playerz in the eternal battle of RED vs BLUE!
Tickets: Adults – $12

6. Historic Provo Buildings Walking Tour – Located at 220 W. Center St., Provo
(801) 851-2100/ Website: http://www.utahvalley.com/includes/content/docs/media/HistoricProvoBrochure.pdf
Come and experience the heritage and architecture of this unique Valley by touring Provo’s Historic Buildings. Included in this self-tour are 22 pioneer buildings dating back to late as 1849 and as recent as 1910. Download the Historic Provo Walking Tour Brochure and map of these historic mansions, homes, churches, government buildings, forts, and museums.

7. Go Shopping! The Provo area has some great shopping malls, including:

  • Provo Town Centre – 1200 Towne Centre Blvd., Provo (801) 852-2400

    A local’s favorite, the Provo Towne Centre mall has over 170 stores and 30 restaurants. Anchored by well known department stores like Dillard’s, JCPenney and Sears, this is the mall to go to if you are in the mood to buy. Open until 9p, M-S and until 6p on Sundays, there is something for everyone here.

  • The Shops @ Riverwoods – 4801 N. University Ave., Provo (801) 802-8430

    Upscale throughout, the Shops at Riverwoods is a beautiful indoor/outdoor shopping experience that offers high-end shopping and dining to patrons. While considerably smaller than other area malls, The Shops offer a truly lovely shopping experience.

  • Outlets @ Traverse Mtn. – 3700 Cabela’s Blvd., Lehi (801) 901-1200

    This outlet mall features over 50 stores, all selling name brand products at outlet prices. Located just off the I-15 freeway, Traverse Mountain is a must visit for serious shoppers who appreciate value.

  • University Mall – 575 E. University Pkwy., Orem (801) 224-0694

    Utah County’s oldest mall, this go-to shopping center has over 150 stores and 25+ restaurants to choose from. It also houses the Cinemark Theaters, so you catch a movie while you shop!