SiseLEAN Chocolate SachetsIf you’ve tried SiseLEAN Chocolate, then you are already aware of how full it makes you feel and that it tastes great. We made SiseLEAN to be the perfect weight management shake – full of vitamins and proteins that give your body what it needs between meals and the perfect replacement for one meal every day. We then thought of how we could possibly make it better and viola! The SiseLEAN Sachet was born. These convenient mini-packs contain one individual weight management shake each that you can take with you anywhere! Simply mix it with your favorite milk, juice or water and Pow! you’ve got a great tasting, energy delivering meal anywhere.

Remember, when you need energy and something to end those hunger pangs, the solution is right in your pocket –– SiseLEAN Chocolate Weight Management Shake Sachets! Now, you can take your shake anywhere and make your diet just that much easier to maintain.