The 2016 Sisel World Leadership Convention was an amazing event all the way around! One of the convention highlights was the announcement of the Top Distributors of the Year. Here’s the complete list of the Sisel Distributors who really went above and beyond:


Bull of the Woods

Riccardo Vieri & Luana Sicari

The Bull of the Woods is not afraid to take on anyone or anything. Not only does the Bull of the Woods protect its pack, but it also nurtures and trains them as well. Riccardo and Luana never back down from a challenge. They charge in head on and never slow down. They lead by example and have all the characteristics top leaders need to succeed.

“If every distributor had their passion, integrity, and energy, Sisel would be the largest MLM on the face of the planet,” said Aaron. “They are true leaders.”



Lifetime Achievement

Yamamoto Kouji

Yamamoto Kouji dedication to Sisel has made him a great ambassador of the Mower Mission. His dedication and commitment has created the largest organization in Sisel. His commitment to his team makes him a great mentor and team builder who’s always ready to help.

“He has stepped up and has worn with honor the Mower Mission,” said Aaron. “He is somebody that I personally look up to for his wisdom, kindness and demeanor.”



CEO Award

Laura Baccini

Being a veteran to the industry has given Laura Baccini insights into helping people achieve great freedom and success with Sisel. Laura has built one of the most successful organizations in America. She always has ideas to help Sisel continue to grow and often takes the initiative to implement them before anyone else does.

“She is the epitome of what Tom Mower Jr. looks for in a leader,” said Aaron. “She has built a successful organization from the ground up and has done it with a smile on her face.”



President’s Award

Soga Kazurou & Miyuki

Soga Kazurou and Miyuki are a dedicated team, passionate about the Mower Mission. Their methodical approach to working with their team creates a strong system that allows them to build with confidence. These characteristics exemplify the qualities that Tom Mower Senior looks for in a true leader.

“We always appreciate their desire to give us positive and constructed feedback,” said Aaron. “Their insights allow us to grow with purpose and strength.”



International Distributor of the Year

Jackie Christiansen

As International Distributor of the Year, Jackie attracts those people who are looking for a great leader. She has the ability to locate high caliber people and build successful teams and organizations in new markets and countries with those people.

“She exudes confidence,” said Aaron. “She helps her team see the value of the Sisel business model in a way that encourages them to become advocates for the Mower Mission.”



Rookie of the Year

Vincent Piscitello

In less than 2 years, Vincenzo Piscitello has risen to a 5 Star and has built a great reputation. Not only has he been able to demonstrate what it takes to quickly build a successful organization, but he has also shown his team how to duplicate his success. This Rookie of the Year is a powerful motivator and an excellent example of a winning Sisel Distributor.

“He is a powerful individual,” said Aaron. “I believe he will continue to remain at the top of the leader boards and will enjoy a very bright future.”



Brilliant Star

Egashira Iwao & Yasuko

Success is a family trait for Egashira Iwao and Yasuko. Iwao’s late father Toru, was one of Sisel’s most successful distributors, who taught his sons how to be winners. This husband and wife team is always out in front recruiting and building their business.

“Iwao was raised by an amazing father who showed him how to lead by example, said Aaron. “Iwao would make his father proud.”



Shining Star

Ray Hutchison

Integrity, passion, and commitment define this year’s Shining Star. Ray Hutchison is an absolute workhorse who isn’t afraid to take on responsibilities. He constantly puts himself out there to support his team and never backs down from an opportunity to learn and grow his business.

“He is as loyal as anyone you have ever met,” said Aaron. “He is one of those people I can always rely on for anything and everything.”



Rising Star

Mary Ann Stoltzfus

As the Rising Star, Mary Ann has embraced the Mower Mission and made it her own. Her drive and determination comes from her desire to help others live healthier lives. Her commitment to educating her community about the health benefits of Sisel product, allows her to meet with people face-to-face and become a voice of the people.

“She has become a true hero amongst her people,” said Aaron. “Her exceptional gift to truly understand the ingredients and product formulations has allowed her to treat ailments and promote a healthier lifestyle.


There you have it…the 2016 Sisel World Leadership Convention Distributors of Distinction. Their hard work makes it easier for all of us to share the Sisel Mission with others. By setting your personal goals higher, you could be on stage at the 2017 Sisel World Leadership Convention!