Aaron Rennert, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, GM Sisel International, is excited to announce the new “Spring into Sponsoring” Promotion!

From now until April 30, 2017, any new Sisel Distributor who enrolls with a 100 – 249 PV initial order will not be required to order the Distributor kit (A savings of $29)! Also all new Sisel Distributors who enroll with a 250 PV or greater initial order will receive a free enrollment kit (A savings of $29).

In addition, with Distributor enrollments of Gold or above (200PV or more), the Enrolling Sponsor is eligible to receive 1 FREE Transfusium! Distributor enrollments of Silver (100-199 PV), the Enrolling Sponsor is eligible to receive 1 FREE Exfolium! (Shipping and Handling fees apply)

Additional prizes will also be awarded to the top Enrolling Sponsors for the Month of April. The top Enrolling Distributor will receive a Sisel product voucher for $500. Both the second and third place winners will each receive a Sisel product voucher for $250.

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To take advantage of this special promotion, enrollments must be completed through Sisel Customer Service by calling (801) 704-6700 Monday through Friday 6 AM to 9 PM MST

*Qualifying enrollments must be placed by calling Customer Service. Sisel has the right to limit, end, or adjust the promotion at any time.