So I have a confession to make…..and it isn’t pretty. As much as I love skincare, cosmetics and basically all things beauty, on my days off and weekends, I am noticeably makeup free (like I said, it isn’t pretty). The truth is, I love having long periods of time where besides cleansing and nourishing my skin with our skincare system, all I have on my skin is the air I breathe.

Despite the fact that we carefully formulate a toxin-free cosmetics line, giving our skin a break from all the makeup we use on a daily basis can only be good for our skin, right? Actually, most dermatologists today recommend applying the 5:2 approach to our beauty regimen. They say wearing makeup for 5 days and then going completely without for two (consecutive or non -consecutive) days a week can result in younger, healthier skin in just under a month.

I don’t let not wearing makeup stop me from capturing these priceless moments like these on camera (and Ivy’s  learned to recognize her grandma without makeup, lol).

I don’t let not wearing makeup stop me from capturing these priceless moments like these on camera (and Ivy’s learned to recognize her grandma without makeup, lol).

On weekends and any days off (depending on what I have to do and where I have to go), I don’t mind going mostly makeup free knowing that there is nothing between me and my skincare regimen. While my skin soaks in all those active ingredients, I can almost feel the hands of time rewinding.   I am completely “au natural” and if my skin could talk I just know it would be thanking me.

As summer winds down and we see fall quickly approaching, there is no better time than the present to take as many days as we can to go makeup-free and repair any damage all that sun, sand and fun has taken out on our skin. I’ve tried to teach my daughters that while makeup is always fun, and it does tend to boost your confidence in how you look, it’s most certainly not essential every second of every day of the week.

We´ve been conditioned to think that makeup is something that we have to put on, in order to look good. Well, I like wearing makeup – but not all the time! It´s not vital to apply makeup and no one should be worried they’ll be judged if you go makeup free.

Now, if you look at my Facebook page, you’re going to see far more pictures of me with makeup than without. Some women look just as pretty without makeup as they do when wearing it. Sadly……I am not one of those. BUT, that doesn’t mean you won’t find pictures of me without makeup and like ALL women, I think we all have beautiful traits that are present even when we have no makeup on at all.

I try, by example, to show my daughters that I have a confidence with or without makeup and that if we’re together and a picture is taken without my makeup, it’s going to get posted. I don’t want them to see me dodging life’s events because I don’t happen to be wearing makeup that day. I want them to have the confidence to know there is beauty in them, regardless of how they choose to present themselves to the world.   Makeup is just a way to enhance the natural beauty that we’ve all been given.

So, the next time you see a picture of me and it looks like I don’t have any eyes, (they tend to disappear without makeup, lol) just look at my smile instead! I more than likely have a huge grin. First, I’m doing something fun with the time I’ve saved from NOT having to put my makeup on that day. Second, I know that I’m giving my skin the best rest and rejuvination it can only get when its only job that day is to soak in the fresh summer air and the amazing nutrients from Sisel’s Timeless Skin Renewal System which, I believe, are the greatest skincare products ever formulated!