It’s a Battle to the Last Drop!

Are you ready for the 1st annual, “Great Kaffé Recipe Brew-Off”? For one week, Sisel Kaffé is staging a head-to-head contest for the very best Kaffé coffee recipe. The brackets will feature our most popular drink formulas (as determined by previous FB polls) and then, it’s up to you to choose which is truly the greatest! Get ready to ‘Like’ vs. ‘Love’ in the Battle of the Beans, the Crusade of the Cups, the Clash of the Caffeinated. You’ll have one week to vote by liking or loving the recipes you think are the best. If you haven’t tasted some of the entries, why not experiment at home? Our Kaffé drink recipes are easy to follow and will appear above each drink title, providing you with everything you need to know for creating your own sample.

Once you’ve done some brewin’ and samplin’, you’ll be ready to fill out your brackets in the Great Kaffé Recipe Brew-Off! Round One will start on Thursday and continue through Sunday. Then, on Monday and Tuesday, we’ll have our semi-final matchups, ending with our Finals on Wednesday. We’ll announce the official winner of the Great Kaffé Brew-Off on Thursday, 10/6 at 3pm (MDT), LIVE on Facebook! When we’ll actually make the winning recipe, LIVE!

Remember, it’s all about taste! Be sure to vote early and often. The winner will be announced LIVE on Kaffé’s Facebook page on Thursday, Oct. 6th. Don’t miss your chance to decide once and for all, which drink truly rules!