I love talking to distributors, and as I travel the world I’m able to hear what’s working, what’s not working and what things you’d like to see happening at corporate. Some of the best ideas and projects are the ones that come directly from YOU! This new product is a perfect example of that.

SiseLASH 3-D was an extremely unique idea. Plain, black mascara has been a beauty staple for 40 to 50 years or more. Besides the occasional color or wand variation, this beauty item was a staple that NEVER changed. In women’s quest for the longest lashes possible, a separate tube of fibers applied to a separate application of gel was absolute, beauty genius!



Distributors loved our SiseLASH 3-D and in no time it was one of the beauty line’s top sellers. As I began using the product (and loving it myself) I begin critiquing it to make sure that it preforms in a successful, quality way.  I love to hear the distributor feedback on new products and SiseLASH 3-D was the success I’d hoped for.

Along with the positive comments, I also make sure to listen for any concerns or possible improvements. This important feedback helps me to shape the future of this ever changing and exciting product line.   You might be surprised to know that even from the first week of the product availability, I begin to think about future improvements, if needed.



The more I used this product, the more convinced I was that using smaller, finer fibers would make for easier application and even longer lashes. As I held meetings, conference calls and emails from distributors they confirmed that they too felt the fibers were a little long, wiry and difficult to apply.  After I see a common theme and the need is established, the goal is to move forward and make what a great product, even better!

One of the great things about Sisel is that we have not one, but two brilliant scientists (Tom Sr. and Jr.) and these brilliant scientists run a lab filled with other amazing scientists. We are even more fortunate to manufacture our own products giving us the opportunity, at will, to improve any formula at any time….and that’s just what we did, with SiseLASH 3-D.

product-f134562-00-01-400x450_en_usI am happy to announce that the new and improved SiseLASH 3-D (along with beautiful, new packaging to go with it) is now available to all distributors. So if you already love this product (many of you didn’t think there needed to be any improvement), then you’ll be even more in love with the new SiseLASH 3-D. It’s easy to see the difference in fibers.

The difference that processing smaller, finer fibers to add to the gel makes all the difference in the world. It truly is one of those things that prove the smallest change can make the biggest difference. And hey, in keeping with the philosophy here at Sisel, any time we can make a great product even better….. it will be done! So continue to give me your feedback, it does count for something. Tom Mower Sr likes to say, “the proof is in the pudding”…..and with the new SiseLASH 3-D, the proof is in the new fibers….check it out for yourself!


Leisel Mower

Director of Cosmetics and Skin Care