I notice that many women are requesting to know the sequence of our skincare regimen and we are working on a brochure that will take a user through that process, which is:

1st – Cleanse your face with Firming Facial Cleanser

2nd – Spritz face with SkinDu and leave wet

3rd – Massage Transfusium around your face until thoroughly absorbed

4th – spritz again with SkinDu

5th –a. If it’s morning, finish with Actify 6000

  1. If it’s night, finish with Rapid Repair

*2-3 times a week use Exfolium. On the days that you use Exfolium, you don’t also need to use the Firming Facial Cleanser as Exfolium acts as a great cleanser.

Rapid Repair is a great product that many times gets overlooked because of what a great product Transfusium is and while Transfusium is still by far the rock star product of our skin care line up, Rapid Repair was the go-to product that restored and “repaired” your skin from all the damaging things we women (and men) encounter all day long. Rapid Repair is the product we use very last, at night, right before we go to bed. It’s placement in the skin care regimen is no accident.

During the day our face is besieged with the culprits that not only speed ageing but are detrimental to our overall health and in most cases, the health of our skin in particular. UV exposure is by far the most damaging issue our skin encounters each day as well as air that full of toxins and free radicals that invade our largest organ. Conscious choices such as smoking or a lack of sun block can speed this process even further so a product to repair and rectify the issues we encounter each day is exactly what Rapid Repair is meant to be.


Rapid Repair was formulated to regenerate your skin while you sleep. Among other awesome ingredients, Rapid Repair contains a powerhouse ingredient called Ergothioneine. Ergothianeine comes from a mushroom fungus and effectively signals the stem cells to come in and repair the damage that’s been done during the day and from days past. In order to be effective in any product it’s used in, it has to be used in at least 20,000 parts per million. At Sisel, we use this amazing ingredient at 50,000 parts per million.

Like Transfusium, Rapid Repair is a product full of many amazing active ingredients including the following:


Roxisomes: repair DNA damage from reactive oxygen species generated by UVA

BV-OSC: a stable antioxidant that protects cells against ultraviolet A & B radiation damage

Resveratrol: an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can inhibit and reduce skin cancer


Phormistim: helps protects cells in the cytoplasm and the mitochondria by increasing thioredoxin 1 and 2.

And there are many other ingredients, like Alistin, Mitostime and Derm SRC that provide other amazing benefits to this great product. Now, if you’re like me, you can barely pronounce them and that’s ok. You don’t even need to remember their names and what they do but I’ve put them out here just so you know that each and every product in the skin care regimen have amazing formulas with the most complex and sophisticated ingredients that science has to offer. All you need to know is……it works!

We talk about Transfusium all the time because it’s the latest product in the skin care line and it’s just happened to have shown to product amazing results. But just remember, Rapid Repair has a list of ingredients that offer the support and repair processes your skin needs after the wear and tear it experiences each and every day. This great product is exactly what you need to put on at night, right so that while you sleep its hard at work to regenerate and support the natural rejuvenation of your skin’s integrity. We expect no less!