#1. Celebrate Sisel!

Show off your Sisel style while others show you theirs. Nothing provides the motivation, education and inspiration of small business ownership like networking with others who share the same dreams.

#2. Natural Beauty!

If you have never witnessed the incredible natural beauty of Utah firsthand, then you owe it to yourself to attend the Sisel World Convention. Utah has over 56 uniquely different state and national parks for you to explore. Come discover why Utah is always listed as one of nature’s most perfect creations.

#3. Chase Your Dreams!

As a small business owner, you know that being your own boss is one of the greatest perks to Sisel ownership. You are no longer just a cog in the wheel of industrialization…you are a dreamer of dreams and an actuator of fulfillment. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that YOU can truly make your dreams come true!

#4. Share Your Ideas!

A great idea only gets better when it’s shared with like-minded others. When you attend the 2016 Sisel World Convention, you’ll meet lots of other Sisel distributors who will provide you with the positive sounding board your inspiring ideas deserve. Come and have your genius recognized!

#5. Motivate & Inspire!

Meeting other business owners is a motivational experience that we all need from time to time. By attending the Sisel World Convention, we can recharge our imaginations and take inspiration from those around us. Nothing makes us feel like a success as much as being around success!

#6. Anticipate!

By attending the Sisel World Convention, you will discover how great anticipation can be! You will have the opportunity to mold your future as you learn how Sisel’s plans will provide you with the unlimited possibilities you’ve only dreamed of before.

#7. Reward Yourself!

When you share all of the incredible success stories you’ve experienced with other Sisel associates, you’ll give your inner-self an incredible shot of self-confidence. It’s great to finally be able to put all your hard work in perspective with those who appreciate it most.

#8. Learn to Explore…

As you network with new friends and associates, you will expand your comfort zone and with it, your ability to share with others. This is a great way to take control of your future by empowering your desires to come true.

#9. Energize!

At the Sisel World Convention, you’ll learn how to apply all of your enthusiastic energy to the areas that will help your business prosper. Instead of just letting things pull you in all directions, you’ll discover how to channel your efforts to maximize results.

#10. Conquer Your Fears!

We all have that little voice inside our heads that constantly reminds us that failure is always an option…but when you surround yourself with nothing but positive vibes from other convention attendees, that voice just seems to melt away. Learn how to fight your fears by becoming a part of something bigger.

#11. Connect with Success!

Life is all about connecting…connecting with clients; connecting with family; connecting with role models…and that’s what the Sisel World Convention is all about! Attendees will learn how to not only connect, but to keep that connection strong throughout the years.

#12. Save Now and Forever!

Not only do convention attendees receive huge discounts on select Sisel products, they will also learn how to maximize their savings throughout the year. These tricks of the trade will help your Sisel business thrive like never before.

#13. Discover the Solutions You Need!

When you attend the Sisel World Convention, your mind will begin to think more in solution-oriented methods…instead of just simple problem solving. By learning all the different ways others have conquered the same problems you face, you will not only gain confidence, but new ways of thinking and succeeding.