Become a Featured Distributor in the Sisel Eblast and Newsletter by filling out the attached form and sending it to us with two usable photographs of yourself. For our recognition page, and all other marketing needs, photographs submitted should meet certain basic guidelines:

  • No smaller than 2 MB files (approx. 1000 pixels wide, or 12 inches wide at 72 dpi). The larger, the better!

  • Sharp (in focus) image. Particularly the face of the distributor

  • Leave some space around face of featured Distributor (do not crop into the face too much, the hairline should be entirely visible with some space around the edges)

  • Avoid distracting or confusing backgrounds.

  • Avoid crowds or several people on the shot (unless blurred out), the shot should emphasize featured Distributor.

  • Make sure picture is well lit (not too dark, not too washed out)

  • Make sure that the image is well balanced in color (avoid strong colored environments that will affect skin tones)


1.Photograph of your face, (Shoulders and above) A professional portrait image.  (We will use this image on the website and on the Leader Rank Wall at corporate headquarters.)


2.Photograph of you doing something you enjoy or showing yourself enjoying life.  (A Life Style Photo)




Top Sisel Leader Questionnaire