Sisel International is proud to announce the release of our brand new Mower Mission video. Learn what motivated the Mower family to create the Mower Mission, an all-natural philosophy of formulating and manufacturing products that are safe, effective and environmentally sound. Hear directly from Sisel Co-Founders, Tom Mower, Sr. and Tom Mower, Jr. about how they decided to take a stand against chemical and toxin-laced consumer products and start a company that changed the world.

You’ll also hear from Sisel Beauty’s Director of Cosmetics and Skin Care, Leisel Mower. She explains how she learned to ‘turn the label’ and became a smarter consumer by believing in the Sisel Safe philosophy. This ideology has guided her through all of Sisel Beauty’s product development and manufacturing. This informative video also includes a profile of Thomas Mower, III and his thoughts on being a third generation Mower Mission believer.