These Three New Tools Are Great for Explaining the Triangle of Life®

One of Sisel’s top priorities is supporting our Distributors by creating and disseminating new creative tools to help you tell the Sisel story. As you are well aware, one of our most popular products is the Triangle of Life® and now you can educate your clients about the incredible benefits it offers with our three new Triangle of Life® brochures.

These full-color tri-folds are the perfect way to introduce and explain the ingredients, formulation and benefits of each of the three products that comprise the TOL (FuCoyDon®, SpectraMaxx® and Eternity®). Each brochure has been meticulously designed to provide an interesting and informative way to tell the TOL story. From illustrations of the natural ingredients to lifestyle photos of customers enjoying the advantages using the Triangle of Life® these brochures are sure to create interest with your customers. They are also full of pertinent sales points that will make your product presentations more focused and compelling.

See for yourself just how inviting and informative these new brochures are—visit the Sisel Products website.

Download FuCoyDon Brochure

Download Eternity Brochure

Download SpectraMaxx Brochure