After months of hard work and careful preparation, we’re excited to unveil the new us! We’ve worked tirelessly with industry professionals, creative experts, and some of our amazing distributors to bring you an incredible, enhanced Sisel Experience.
With this upgrade you’ll notice many tweaks and changes to our look, marketing materials, packaging, comp plan and more. Rest assured, though, we’re still the same Sisel you know and love—just a whole lot better.


The Sisel Leaf
The first thing you’ll notice is our logo. As the world around us grows and evolves, we do to. We left our old, cursive logo behind to create a fresh, modern look. It symbolizes the professionalism and care we take with each of our products.
If you look closely, you’ll see that the green leaf we use is also similar to a DNA helix. This was purposefully done to show our dedication to provide the best natural products available, backed by the best science and research in the field.
The new logo is our promise to continually better your life with truly effective, cutting edge products. It’s a mark of authority and confidence. When you see the Sisel Leaf, you know you’re getting the best.


New Look, New Feel
Some of our packaging is pretty dated. There may have been a few tweaks over time, but for the most part it’s stayed pretty much the same. There’s a good reason for that: We created great packaging that you all fell in love with. The design, the colors, the messaging; it was a good fit for our products.
Times have changed, though. Design standards, shading…even the curvature of letters (seriously) have transformed drastically and consistently over the last 10 years. We realized that our products are top of the line and as such, they need to look it too.
Our new packaging is a natural evolution of the old. Think of it as Sisel Design 2.0. Most of all, don’t worry; while the packaging may have a new twist to it, our products are still 100% the ones you know and love.


We are now
As great as our old website was, it was a bit of a mess. Many people complained about not finding the info they needed, how to access the shopping cart, and even how to find our blog. It desperately needed some fine-tuning or something. That something turned out to be a complete and total overhaul.
We’re not just a home base anymore, we’re an experience. The new website is your portal to a better lifestyle, complete with the products, events, and news you need to live your best life. You’ll see brighter colors, more active people, and an overall feeling of excitement, happiness and fun.
This evolution also opens the door to new demographics. Younger generations are now reaching a point in their lives where our products become relevant. Some of the changes we’ve made are specifically designed to open our doors to everyone, and welcome them into the Sisel family.
At the end of the day we’re a company that promises you the ability to live energetically, be happy and feel young. It’s high time our website reflected that, too.

New Comp Plan
So you’re probably all wondering about the comp plan. Let’s be honest here, the plan has had a bumpy ride at times. But we’ve been listening to what you have to say, and it shows. Our new plan is a culmination of all the best parts put together, without all the confusion. We’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few years testing what works, getting rid of what doesn’t, and generally getting great feedback from all of you in the field.  Stay tuned for more details (coming soon).