Welcome to my new Skincare/Beauty blog!! I am so excited to be able to use this space in the hopes of meeting YOU here to talk about the latest in Sisel beauty, skin care and everything in between.

A little about me-

IMG_3812I’m a single, proud mom of 5 children who I love very much. I have two daughters and three sons and just recently became a first time grandma to the fattest, cutest little cherub, Ivy. Of course I also work full time as Director of Skincare and Cosmetics for Sisel International, a job that has developed into a career that has become a full blown passion for me! Coming to work each day is the most challenging as well as rewarding experience I’ve ever had (besides being a mom!) and I hope this blog can give some insight into how these worlds collide to bring you the world of “all things beauty” here at Sisel.

My blog goals-

My goal with this blog is to be able to showcase the limitless ways Sisel’s amazing skincare and cosmetic products can benefit and enhance your lives just as they have mine. I hope to show you just what 30+ years of research means when you’re talking about the latest in innovative science in the skincare world today. These products do what they say they’ll do! Here at Sisel we use not only the latest in scientific developments to formulate the highest quality, most effective products in the market today but we truly endeavor to forecast the needs of the many diverse women who make up Sisel.

Being a stay at home mom for 20+ years and now as a fulltime career woman balancing the needs of a busy family, I can easily relate to the daily struggles and triumphs that most women today experience. These experiences have inspired and driven me to help create products that not only do what they say they’ll do but also contain none of the harmful ingredients that are so prevalently found in personal care products……especially cosmetics! The Mower Mission has been the guideline that I follow to protect my growing family against the different products they come into contact with every day. In today’s world, we mothers know that the concerns regarding our children’s health run far greater than what simply goes into their mouths.   The need to educate ourselves regarding all things personal care and beauty has become a necessity that is new to our generation. As the mother of a new teen who is just starting to use makeup and a daughter with an new baby, my concern for their skincare needs has been a driving force in what “Sisel Safe” means to the safety of my family….and to yours.


What you can expect-

You can expect this to be a place that is not only full of useful product information of how-to’s, ingredient science and business building ideas among many other things but also a gathering spot to talk about the funnier side of Sisel beauty! Vibrant colors, luxurious creams and of course the always exciting appearance changing benefits these products can produce are just some of the fun topics we’ll explore over time.

I hope you’ll meet me here every week to talk about all the latest and greatest of what’s going on inside the world of Sisel Skincare and beauty. My hope is that you not only learn more about a healthy beauty inside and out, but have a fun time doing it!