Sisel Live! is an industry-leading program that combines the fun of Direct Sales through home parties and events with the powerful residual income of multi-level marketing. Now, for the first time in the history of the industry, you can have the best of both worlds!

Meet others over lunch, at an event or invite them to your home or the home of a mutual friend. Have a fun, friendly conversation about your passion for Sisel and the Mower Mission. Build relationships and let them try some products. When they would like to order products, they can purchase them right there. The products will be delivered promptly at a future time to their home. If they decide not to purchase anything at your initial meeting, that’s great too! They will now know more about Sisel and how their life and health can improve by just using a few Sisel products.

SL_Blog-GroupThat’s it. It’s a simple, easy process that allows you to share Sisel products with those that need them most ­– everyone! Have you ever seen an easier, more effective way to start your own business?

Sisel Live! is continuing to grow faster than ever! We have more Sisel Live! distributors than ever before. Sisel Live! is building momentum and we are evolving into the best program to help you start and maintain your own business.

Be sure to check back soon, as we will be adding more information and tools specific to Sisel Live! regularly. For the complete program details, click HERE.


Sisel Live! is Simple – It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 to get started

  1. Buy a starter kit

  2. Schedule your grand opening

  3. Work with your team and build your business

Owning your own business with Sisel Live! is just that simple!


Start Your Own Business in Less Than 5 Minutes!

SL_Blog-StopWatchSisel Live! can provide you the opportunity to start your own business with just a few clicks of your mouse. Simply pick a Sisel Live! starter kit that interests you from the choices offered; book an event and start working on building your own team and business! It’s just that easy and more rewarding than you can even imagine!


Additional Support and Printed Materials:

Sisel Live! Calls

What’s Up with Sisel Live! (Recorded call)

When: Mondays 8am – 8:30 MST

Call: (641) 715-3660 pin 638591#


US Sisel Live! Starter Kit – Click HERE for US Sisel Live! Starter Kit.

Sisel Live US Pricelist – Click HERE for a PDF of our products and prices.

Host Event Format Document ­– Click HERE for a PDF of our Host Event docs.

Sisel Live Ireland Pricelist ­– Click HERE for our Irish products and prices.

Sisel Live UK Pricelist – Click HERE for our UK products and prices.

Royal Rewards (USA) – Click HERE for our Royal Rewards (USA).

Royal Rewards (Ireland) – Click HERE for our Royal Rewards (Ireland)

Royal Rewards (UK) – Click HERE for our Royal Rewards (UK)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

To your Sisel Live! Success