It is time for a real heart to heart, a one on one…an intervention about pressed mineral foundation. Applying foundation is a fundamental necessity of all makeup techniques. Foundation is a skin ally that will assist you to a smooth skinned complexion.

We may think that we have the routine down, but there are a lot of juicy insights to be discovered about the whys, how to’s and don’t do’s of powder foundation.  Foundation embodies the top benefits of makeup because it acts to protect skin from the sun, de-age the face, and make pores and blemishes less noticeable. Every architect knows that their structural work of art needs a strong foundation before construction can begin. With artfully applied foundation, the rest of your makeup routine has the opportunity to amaze.

Let’s go back to the basics and explore how to put a kick to the beginning of your makeup routine.


Whys, How To’s and Don’t Do’s

1. From the very beginning it is important to use moisturizer. Try using our Actify 6000!. It is a common mistake to start applying foundation before moisturizer sets a little. Resist the temptation! If your face is too moist, then it may result in streaks or off -colored areas.



2. For those who are makeup minimalists and don’t want to apply foundation all over the face, just focus on off color areas such as around the eyes, nose and any other reddish areas.


3. When applying your foundation use the foundation powder sponge. You want to use your finger to spread or touch it up in some areas, but the oils and hidden dirt in your fingers often lead to undesirable blemishes.


4. Start with your foundation in the center of your face and slowly blend. Make your way outward. This technique will help the color of foundation fade naturally to all outside areas.


5. Don’t forget to blend down the neck as well. No face is its own planet, so make sure your makeup blends smoothly downward.


6. For more coverage in specific areas, you can apply foundation in a light taping motion.

7. If a color is good for you then it will match your skin! The key is for foundation to become an extension of your skin rather than a tanning tactic. Show off your natural shade as best you can!


8. Unfortunately, excessive amounts of foundation on a blemish will not hide it. A trick to avoiding the cakey look is by taking a damp face towel and gently skimming over the blemishes to remove dead skin.


9. Keep the powder foundation in your purse to reapply as necessary. It will help you maintain a fresh look of foundation after a day out in the sun, or if your skin is too oily.

10. The most important thing to remember about pressed mineral foundation is that there is such a thing as over-application. Keep your natural skin visible but dress it up a little so you can show off your beautiful skin.