In today’s beauty world, the choices for each and every beauty option we have is limitless . . .actually beyond limitless! Each year the industry’s newest, latest and greatest inventions and reinventions flood the marketplace. Some are instant hits that we wonder how we ever did without, while the majority are quickly discarded as non-essential wannabe’s that don’t meet our high expectations. Women’s bathroom drawers are full of the sad, half-used products that had high hopes for a permanent spot on the bathroom counter.

This week’s blog topic is the all-important eyeliner. There can be no downplaying the eyes or the role to outline these, the face’s most illustrious asset. As one poet wrote, “a woman’s eyes are the jewels of the body,” how true that is. The goal to make the eyes as beautiful as they can be usually starts with the lining of the eye.



Like any beauty product, trend, topic or color, women’s tastes in eyeliners differ wildly. Even I was surprised as I researched this topic over time as to all the options and techniques available . . . just for eyeliners. Choices include: pots of liquid liner you dip a brush into, traditional and non-traditional pencils with every option, liquid liners (more difficult to apply but providing a dramatic, sexy look pencils can’t), powders – pressed and loose and so one and so on. The choices and the techniques are numerous.

Here at Sisel Beauty, we currently offer a couple of choices in your quest to line your eyes. The first is the traditional pencil, a straightforward, easy to use approach that is usually the beginner’s first choice. While women try other products – some to keep, some to not, the pencil is usually the staple they stay with. We also offer the loose or firm powders, that with the practiced application and the right brush, deliver a beautiful, smudged, smoky and even thin line. Like I said, the looks and options seem endless and so we need continue to grow with those choices.

As for my personal eyeliner style, I use two products to achieve my look (I’m always complicated, aren’t I?) I love the look of liquid eyeliner on my upper lid, this gives me some drama. I then like to keep the look soft by applying a much lighter line on the lower lid with a pencil. But what do you like? We want to get your input and ideas as we’re making the choice to expand this most important of beauty tasks, the eyeliner. So, go to Monday’s FB survey and give us your vote!



We’re outlining the most important feature on our face, the eyes. How best do we shape, shade and line these so-called jewels? What eyeliner tool do you most like to use and would most like to see us add to the beauty line? Give us your input on Monday’s FB survey as to liquid, gel or pencil – or maybe some other awesome tool we haven’t included in this article. The only thing I know for sure is, beauty ideas and options are as unique and different as we women are so let’s not limit ourselves!