Here at Sisel Beauty we’re always trying to find new and fun ideas that we hope you enjoy. We try to make it a fun, new and even educational place to stop by, and one that gives you a fun experience and a break from everything you have going on in your busy, everyday life. We’re also interested in your ideas and opinions and whether it’s the comments you leave or the messages you send us, we love to hear from you! Your great ideas and suggestions have lead to many of the products and programs that have become so successful today! So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a fun new idea that will put all your great minds to use!

ThinkstockPhotos-456041855I write a different blog each week and we correlate everything during that same week to support and contribute to those weekly concepts. We try to give you relevant information that’s fun, interesting and at times even silly (at least that’s the goal). But at this point, and if you’re anything like my kids, you’re probably already sick of hearing from me! So, in an effort to gather as many great ideas as we can, and broaden the scope of information we can all relate to, we’re going to be adding a “Guest Blogger” to the line-up once a month.

We get tons of great ideas, tips, and tricks from our Distributors and if you’re among one of those creative guys or gals that would like to contribute any of those great ideas and plans you have (and we know your head is just swimming in creative juices)– then all you need to do is message us and let us know that you’d like to be a guest blogger. So, organize your thoughts and blow the dust off of your best kept secrets and share them with the world. Help us by selflessly spreading the word concerning “all things beauty” to all the Sisel Beauty devotees that would love to hear it!

There are no hard and fast rules here – any topic relating to Sisel Beauty will be welcome! How interesting would it be to hear a guys’ perspective on different beauty topics or a teen’s tips on how they like to best express themselves with cosmetics or just any fresh new takes on the same old beauty routines we all go through every day. Really, just anything that will help benefit us all. Isn’t that what we hope to do here at Sisel Beauty? The desire to educate, entertain and even hopefully inspire people? I think so, and if you think so too and want to contribute to these lofty goals…then we want to hear from you!